listen to :  gift of parenthesis

    NEWS:  we're waiting on the return of our new EP 'GIft of Parenthesis", currently off getting pressed.  how exciting!
milkless fridge have been described as featuring elements of organic post rock, dashes of muscular math rock and even gritty terse post-punk.
Formed by James, Louis and Neil, in 2001, the band has evolved into what we know today.

In this time, the band has written many songs, played loads of gigs, had a name change and a prefix removed. Orginally called Day Break, they changed their name to "...and your youth punishes you like a milkless fridge" , now affectionately known as milkless fridge.

Establishing themselves at the forefront of musical exploration, they push the boundaries of just what a three piece can do. They visit extremes in tempo and structure. Offering initricate guitar work with sparse vocals interwoven amongst an innovative bass style and elaborate drumming.

They play with their hearts, souls and, often, bare feet.

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